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Moray Reach Out

Moray Reach Out Recycling: Elgin (Moycroft)

Moray Reach Out Recycling Elgin

MRO Recycling Elgin is operational. Please note visitors by appointment only. Covid restrictions apply re social distancing and appropriate PPE.

Operating at Moycroft, Elgin having moved from Lossiemouth and reopened on 30th November 2020 for training services.   We are not open to the public.     Visitors can attend by appointment only.

Help us by placing only plastic bottles and cans in your purple (pink) bins.    Our trainees work on the picking lines and have to pick out anything that should not be there, so please think carefully when sorting your recycling and waste.  Many thanks.  

Moray Reach Out Recycling Elgin is based in the new recycling and waste facility run by the Moray Council.

Our team processes your purple bins, contributing both to the environment and the community. We take the contents including cans, tins and plastic containers in order to process them into bales. Our industrial setting provides 50 places for vulnerable adults to gain training and work experience.  Please help our team by ensuring you only put cans and plastic bottles in the purple bin.  Some plastic trays also are made of PET type 1.  Check the triangle on the plastic item, if the number 1 or 2 is in the triangle, rinse and place in your purple bin.  Any other plastic, please put in the green bin for general waste.

Moray Reach Out Recycling Elgin


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a high quality meaningful work experience for trainees in an industrial setting. We assess and accept disability in order to help people get the satisfaction of doing their best in a safe and welcoming environment. Our aim is to help people learn work as part of a team and share in other's success. We encourage people to think and act for themselves and to grow in confidence through their experiences at Waste Watchers.


Our Story

Our trainees are a group of people with learning disabilities who grew up near Buckie. They started sorting cans and the trainees are very proud of their achievements, seeing the cans sorted into bales of steel and aluminium. When changes came about in 2013 and saw the introduction of cans and plastic being collected together, the Moray Council opened their site in Lossiemouth. Now we staff their facility, sorting and recycling the contents of the purple bins around Moray.


"I enjoy working at Waste Watchers because it gets me out of the house and stops me getting bored. It is good exercise for me and I am learning new things all the time as there are a large variety of jobs to do. The staff are all friendly and I get on well with the other trainees."

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Telephone 01542 834434

23 East Church St, Buckie
Moray AB56 1ET

Hours of Operation from 30 Nov:

MRO Yarns & Crafts and MRO Thrift Shop, Buckie
Mon to Fri 9.30am - 4pm

MRO Embroidery Shop, Elgin
Mon to Fri 9.30am - 4pm
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Moray Reach Out which is a Scottish Charity (No. SC024726) and a Limited Company (Company No 221205)
23 East Church St, Buckie, Moray AB56 1ET

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