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Moray Reach Out Information for Trainees


You can expect

  • to meet new people
  • learn to work as part of a team
  • be treated with respect and kindness
  • learn new skills
  • achieve things you did not think possible
  • work towards 'outcomes' (what you would like to learn and achieve) and
  • have fun


We ask that you:

  • discuss and agree what you want to achieve from taking part (your training objectives or 'outcomes')
  • take part in individual and group activities
  • always try your best in all you do
  • treat others with respect and kindness


We provide training opportunities for vulnerable adults. You can contact your Social Work office (Community Learning Disabilities Team - CLDT), Care Manager or Key Worker to discuss accessing our projects. Self-Directed Support gives you the right to buy your own training package; if you need help you can contact us and we will arrange for someone to support you. Many of you will have your training arranged by Moray Council or another organisation. Some will choose Direct Payments. If you are in receipt of Self-Directed Support (SDS), you can contact us directly if you have a direct payment set up and make arrangements to start on a placement. This is all very new but help and advice is available, so just ask your Care Manager if you have one or contact the CLDT team at the Moray Council.


If you are interested in Moray Reach Out projects, then your Care Manager or you (or carer) should contact us to make arrangements for a visit to Moray Reach Out. This is to find out more about us and for us to find out about you, your interests and about what you would like to learn and experience.  You can then attend a taster, attend and participate in activities for 2 or 3 hours or a day, whatever suits you best, before deciding if this is the right move for you. Together we will build a plan for you to work towards and to record your achievements. We hope you will enjoy your time with us and feel a sense of belonging, fulfilment and pride. We will help you explore your next steps too and where appropriate look at the possibilities of employment or further training.
For general information on Self Directed Support click here

Information for

Moray Reach Out Information for Parents and Carers


Our staff will be keen to meet the person in your care with you to find out more about their needs, abilities, interests and expectations. Visits can be arranged to the most suitable projects to allow a more informed choice to be made. We are keen to match the project to the individual so that they can gain more confidence, increase levels of self-esteem, learn to work and communicate with others and learn new skills they perhaps never thought possible. Our staff will be patient, kind, supportive but of course firm when required ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for the person you care for.


The persons in your care will be embarking on a new journey when they join a Moray Reach Out project. We will set some goals for them to achieve, which will give them something to aim for. We will ask that you are supportive of these goals and encourage them to strive towards them to the best of their ability. We expect trainees and carers to ask questions if this is not clear. Our aim is to help people integrate into a team setting and learn the benefits of teamwork, equality, sharing and gain a sense of belonging. We also encourage independence and advocacy and it may well be that we play a part in supporting a move to independent living.


If the person in your care has a learning disability or mental health condition, then the Community Learning Disability team will probably already have assessed their needs and allocated a Care Manager. With the introduction of Self-Directed Support, individuals are able to choose which services they wish to use and at some point will be given an option to purchase services directly from the providers. Local authorities and other agencies can manage Self-Directed Support budgets for you if you wish. If you are unsure of your situation, you should contact the Community Learning Disability team for advice. If you are a Care Manager, please call 01542 834434  to discuss or simply contact one of the Project Coordinators directly if you already know which project will be suitable.
Moray Reach Out Embroidery & Fine Gifts (previously known as In Stitches): 01343 551512
Moray Reach Out Yarns & Crafts (Buckie Yarns): 01542 835598
Moray Reach Out Recycling (Waste Watchers) Buckie: 01542 835533 or 01542 834434
Moray Reach Out (Waste Watchers) Lossiemouth: 01343 810579

Information for

Moray Reach Out Information for Professionals


All of our Moray Reach Out social enterprises strive to create a safe work environment that provides and produces high quality services and products. Our staff, volunteers and trainees are passionate and enthusiastic about their projects and the opportunities they provide.

You can expect a professional and dedicated team that will genuinely care about your business. In turn you can expect that your business help to increase individual's confidence, self-esteem and sense of belonging. Through your business our trainees can gain confidence through learning new skills like processing, retail and customer service. Choosing to bring your business to a Moray Reach Out social enterprise means that you are encouraging empowering opportunities that lead to more confident lives.


The opinions and feedback of patrons, professionals and businesses are a valued part of the evaluation and monitoring process for our projects. We hope that this feedback will enable us to continually improve upon the service we provide to our trainees and the customer experience. Supportive, helpful and open communication is part of our ethos for working together with professionals and partner organisations.


Our projects are tailored for adults with learning disabilities.  Some projects also have the capacity to support referrals from mental health groups.  Our service is not a free service and daily rates for Self-Directed Support are available from our Head Office.  Service Level Agreements between Moray Council and Moray Reach Out cater for a number of training places and if your client is eligible for day services or in our case for engaging alternatives to day services, you should contact the Project Coordinator to check for vacancies. 


For a general enquiry about any of our new projects, contact 01542 834434 and ask for Shona.

If you already know the project that your client is interested in, you can contact our Project Coordinators directly as follows:
Moray Reach Out Embroidery & Fine Gifts:  01343 551512
Moray Reach Out Yarns & Crafts: 01542 835598 
Moray Reach Out Recycling Buckie: 01542 835533 or 01542 834434
Moray Reach Out Recycling Lossiemouth:  01343 810579

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